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Alexander W. Doniphan Community

Service & Leadership Foundation

The Alexander W. Doniphan Community Service and Leadership Foundation recognizes honorees who exemplify General Doniphan’s outstanding characteristics and personal commitments in one or more of the diverse components of his life, mainly education, jurisprudence, statesmanship, patriotism in defense of county, and integrity in business.

Doniphan Foundation

current members

Committee Co-Chairs

Allen Jones
Steven V. Potter

Committee Members

Rodney Ames
Michael Beach
John A. Dillingham*
Lori Garcia
Sheryl Gallagher
Kurt Graham
Laurie Jacobus
Cynthia McDavitt*
Jeremiah J. Morgan
Diana Reiter
W. Christian Sizemore
Eric Zahnd

*Denotes past co-chair

Doniphan Foundation

past members

Elder Adams
Sister Adams
Robert Arter
Phillip Beem
Douglas Brenchley
Nanette Brenchley
Shelia G. Bridges
Raymond Brock Jr.
Jim Dunn
Wendy Dyck
Eric Freestone
John W. Hardy
Chandra Hendren
Juarenne Hester
S. Nick King
Eric Langhorst
Franklin McMillian
Steve Nelson
Wayne Parker
Clinton E. Patterson*
George Peterson
Tony Sarver*
Carolyn Toronto,
John Toronto
Thomas E. Sims

*Denotes past co-chair